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You can find our online store here: www.store.areareptiles.com

There is still so much to get done but we will be doing our best to consistently add more valuable information to the website.

We are located in Marina, CA (93933) in the heart of the spectacular Monterey Peninsula on California’s Central Coast.

We are proud to serve Monterey County and surrounding areas.

We provide quality pets for first time keepers and collectors alike!

We have a variety of high quality insect and rodent feeders your pet’s needs.

Please CONTACT US for availability and pricing.

In the near future we will also be available for birthday parties or any special event.

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Bay of LA Rosy Boa

Rosy Boa – ‘Bay of LA’ Locale

2017 Rosy Boa Breeding Season

Rosy Boas have long been one of my favorite species in the reptile hobby. It is a fascination that goes back decades for me. I have kept many throughout the years but it was not until last year that I did something I had waited many years to accomplish. Last year was our first year successfully …

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ReptiLinks Pre-Launch Sales Event

  We are proud to be the first and only ReptiLinks distributor in Monterey County! You can find more information about these amazing product on our ReptiLinks page too. We are offering an amazing opportunity for our local reptile community to try this innovative product at a great sale price!  Find the price sheet below …

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